Alternate Design:

My former student's (Kara Webster) grunge project- Unfortunately I cannot put her webpage on a wikisite but here are two screen printouts and links she suggested, as well as the photoshop files so you can click on the layers and view her progress. You will need to download grunge brushes. Either do it at home or I can help you as the Com Tech administrator:


Everything on this site was hand made by me, using photoshop. It doesn't take too long to do either. For instance, the backgrounds are pretty easy. I opted out of using a texture because that would have been a completely different look again. Instead, I chose red as the base layer and used brushes to create the crazy brush strokes. Using the opacity option for the layers, I made some more faded than others.
The images were easier. I used pictures of Amy Lee. One the main page what I did was took her and used the CutOut filter. Next, I used a brush set that allowed me to do blood splatters and voila! Finished. Simple eh?
The picture to the right I did a little differently. Taking the image, I used Filter > Threshold and played around with it until I got it to what I liked.I used a different brush set again to achieve the bloody look.
I would never have been able to do this without the help of tutorials and other websites. I knew what grunge was but, I wasn't sure how to go about actually creating the look. So, below are the links to sites I visited. I give credit, where credit is due!