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Twitter for Social Change

  1. What was the question asked that started this community? "What are you thankful for
  2. What was the name of the charity drive? How much did they raise? In how many days? The charity was called TweetsGiving. They raised $10,000 in 48 hours.
  3. What project did the money go to? How did they involve the people who donated funds for with the project?The proceeds went directly to help build schools in Tanzania. Everybody who tweeted what they were thankful for and donated $10 to the cause would have their Twitter handle put on a brick. That way, once the schools are built, they would take pictures of the donator's Twitter names on the bricks of the school and put the photos on Flickr.
  4. What is it called when lots of people give a little bit of money?
  5. How is this a community? It is a community because people are communicating, they are sharing opinions and gtalking regardless of where they are. The people are connecting with each other through these social medias.
  6. What was the second fundraiser called and where did the money go? The second fundraiser is called TweetLuck and the money is used to build an orphanage and a tech lab.
  7. Why do you think this is a successful form of fundraising? This is a successful form of fund-raising because it raised the awareness of an issue, it managed to get a large amount of followers who support it and provide donations towards that cause. Also, using technology allows you to reach to a larger population since so many people uses the Internet. It is also the current trend and most of the population knows that there are different organizations out there who needs our help for a good cause.

Ashton Kutchner and Cnn on Twitter- both articles
  1. What was the challenge that ashton made to CNN?
To see who can acquire the most followers in their profile by using twitter.
  1. What would he donate if he won?
He would donate 10,000 mosquito nets to africa
  1. What would the millionth follower win?
Win the copy of the Guitar Hero video game.
  1. Who won the between Ashton and CNN?
  1. What does this show or prove? What did Ashton say about it
This show proves that the media is powerful thing that people are able to keep up with the current trend and it continues to change. It proves that an individual can make change in a instant just by using the media regardless of who you are. "We now live in an age in media that a single voice can have as much power and relevance on the Web, that is, as an entire media network," says Ashton.

You Tube Effect
    1. What is the YouTube Effect? It is the phenomenon whereby video clips, often produced by individuals acting on their own, are rapidly disseminated worldwide on websites such as YouTube and Google Video.
    2. How many monthly visitors? How many videos posted every day? YouTube has 34 million monthly visitors, and 65,000 new videos are posted every day.
    3. Name some serious posted videos? Some serious videos were posted by terrorists, human rights groups and U.S. soldiers in Iraq.
    4. What is the credibility of all these videos?These videos are not credible because although some videos may reveal truths, others spread propaganda and outright lies.
    5. How does this article state do we check the validity of these videos? In order to check the validity of the video, we should wait at least 10 days after it was posted before believing the content. This is because the Youtube Effect has created a strong deman for reliable guides such as institutions, that we can trust them to help sort fact from lies online.

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Government Banning Social Sites
  1. What is an open network? people interacting with each other throughout the world network without borders or barriers
  2. Name 3 countries where YouTube, MySpace, Flickr have been banned? Iran, Zimbabwe, and Cuba
  3. How do they treat bloggers in these repressive countries? Why do theses governments work hard to suppress freedom of access to content They treat them like any other criminal, their actions are might expose the governments intentions.
  4. How are they using YouTube in respressive countries such as Iran and Zimbabwe for social change?? To denounce brutality, torture, and censorship from their government; to expose civil rights violation.
  5. Why is United Arab Emirates blocking Flickr? UAE accuses Flickr of displaying pornographic images.
  6. How are people fighting back in these countries? Mobilizing and creating workrounds such as proxies to bypass some banned websites.
  7. What do social networks give us? Unprecented access to other people, contents, opinions, and shared ideas, files, or documents.
  8. How do you feel about Youtube being blocked at school? I guess there is reason to why it is blocked at school and that reason is not to get students to be distracted, and have clear focus on their school work.

Technology Deletes Social Interaction
1. According to this Blog, are we becoming technological junkies? How is this affecting how we interact with one another? How credible is this site for information?
Acoording to this blog, yes, we are technological junkies. We are so consumed with the technology around us that we pay more attention to our iPods, laptops and cellphones than having a face-to-face conversation with the people around us. I doubt the credibility of this article because it is an opinion of an individual from a place that is almost unheard of. Technically, we stil conversate face-to-face with each other and we do find time to hang out without the technology.

  1. What is ActBlue ? How are they using the internet for social change?
  2. How is Obama using the internet for social change and foreign affiars(refer to the videos, you do not have to watch the whole thing- maybe the first 4 minutes
  3. How does Youtube effect social interactions

Online Communities
  1. Where can we find Michael’s Artwork? What is his tag name so we can follow his work once he leaves this school?