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Photography composition
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elements in photography

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Tips on Photography
10 phototips
Complimentary colours

Photo assignment Go to and find photographs that illustrate the following:

  1. horizontal lines
  2. vertical lines
  3. diagonal lines
  4. S curve
  5. dynamic thirds
  6. macro
  7. warm colours
  8. cool colours
  9. complimentary colours
  10. framing
  11. simplicity
  12. texture
  13. rhythm
  14. silhouette
  15. focal point
  16. unusual angles
  17. Foreground, Middleground, Background
  18. 3 favourite photos- hand in a typed word document telling me why

Save as the tiles above (ie. dynamic_thirds.jpg) in a folder with the student’s name. You may work with a partner, have both names on the folder.