Grade 10 Communication Technology

Mrs. Amor................. Room- 200 and 234 .......Office- The Artroom.............. phone number: (613) 745-9411 ext. 498

email for large files:

Please purchase, or borrow, a 8GB USB stick as we will need to back up our webpage and premiere files. I will be deleting the photoshop files from my hand in file shortly. If you want copies please bring your stick. Also bring in headphones for this weeks class so I do not hear 26 car horns beeping.

Adobe Youth Voices: The first form is to be filled out and signed by parents. The AYV model release form is to be used for people that appear in your productions.
Course Profile: Com Tech TGJ2O.docEquipement requirements: Due to the limited computer storage space allotted to each student, Com. Tech. students should purchase a 8GB USB stick to back up their work.Earphones should be brought in when working on audio or video files.

Click on the Weekly Schedule to access the assigments and support documents
Weekly Schedule
Sept 6-9
Review of Photoshop tools- Assignment 1-Fruitman Due
Welcome to Mrs. Amor's Page
Sept 12-21
Venice and Picasso Assignment due,
Adjustment Layers assignment due
Final Photoshop exercise assigned
Sept 16- Picture day
Sept 24-28
Final Photoshop Assignment culmative AYV poster started
Sept 23- Activity Day
Oct 1-5
working on poster

Oct 8-12
Rough cuts for AYV to be presented at the end of the week. May be resubmitted next week, but we start Flash together att he beginning of next week.
Oct 10- Thanksgiving
Oct 14- Coffee House
Oct 15-19
Starting flash
Oct 21- PA Day
Oct 22-26
Flash Car due end of the week

Oct-29-Nov 2
Starting Dreamweaver
Oct 31- Happy Halloween
Nov 5- 9

Nov 11- Remembrance Day
Nov 12- 16

Nov 18-22
See week page for rubric

Nov 26- Nov 30

Dec 5-9

Dec 12- 16

Dec 19-23

jan 7-11

Jan 14- 18
Webpages due at the end of the week
Template to be finished at home- handed in mid febuary

Jan 21-25
Starting video

Jan 28-Feb1
continue video

Feb 4-8

Feb 11- 15
Rubric AYV

Feb 20-24
Waking Video due end of next week, last week to work in class.

March 4-8
Adobe Aspire Awards
Hand in a blurb by Monday
Media Gallery for AYV-
Start working on a pitch for the next project.

March 11-15
march break

March 17-21
Story boards for AYV movie- pitch movies

March 18-21
AYV Quicktime Settings- must be used when exportingLogo:ayv_logo_web.gif
Remember NELA and Model release Forms - links top of sheet
Fill out one project AYV submission form - found in my hand out file...and here..Which asks you to provide a brief (100 word) artistic statement about the work that explains why it was made, who the intended audience is, how it was exhibited, and any other pertinent information.
  • A photograph and biography of the youth media maker(s) must be submitted in order to complete the submission process. ( Please Note: Photos and biography will be used on the Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards website if submission is chosen. If there is more than one youth media maker involved, please submit individual photos.)
Games Week
March 29- EQAO Lit Test
C flats show
April 2-6
Rough cuts due- April 12
April 6- Good Friday
April 8-12
Present rough cuts by Friday April 12-rmat: QuickTime (.mov)Video Codec: H264Quality: 100Size: 720×480 pixelsFrame Rate: 29.97 frames per secondField Order: None (Progressive)Bitrate Settings: Maximum
Audio Settings
Audio Codec: AACOutput Channels: StereoFrequency: 48kHz
April 9 Easter Monday
April 15-19
One class to fix up film based on comments. One class to uploading to aspire site including release form, biography and pic

Aprl 23-27
Starting summative

April 27- PA Day

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