11 May 24- 28

May 25
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May 26
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Exporting Movies
  1. Open Premiere- if you have the .prel then open up your project. If you have the .avi use get media and import to premiere
  2. Go to SHARE, Click for For Computer. Use the FLV setting , add title, save to your webpage folder -presets Flash video 8400 (320 x 240)8700 (640 x 480 )
  3. Click- share workspace bar area (make sute the workspace triangular sliders are on each side of your video)
  4. Click save
Exporting flash
  1. Open your flash- when you test movie a .swf is made (or when you go File- publish) or save as .swf. The .swf is what you put into your website . Save it to your webpage folder
Importing to your website

1 Premiere
  1. Insert media .FLV
  2. browse for .flv image
  3. Pick skin <type the frame size (based ont he size you picked see above)
  4. Keep constain checked, click OK

2. For flash-
insert. media >swf Look in your folder for the .swf)