Monday March 8- Beginning of photoshop. If you missed this class you can do this assignment after school or at lunch. I do have a link on the mail web page to download a trial copy of photoshop so you can work at home. I believe it is 30 day free trial.
Fruitman Assignment

Tuesday March 9- Lat day for Fruitman assignment. After you are finished work on editing your movie.

Wednesday March 9- Photoshop- introducing the clone
tool and enhancement tools.
Venice Project:
When you have finished this assignment continue on editing movie.

Thursday March 10
Work on video project (Adobe Youth Voices US rep is coming tonight)

Friday March 11
Warhol Pop Art- Using your school photo create 9 copies and add effects to make a 'Warhol-like; image, add a title and a gradient background.
Tools used:
  • How to add and edit a grid for layout.
  • Special Effects
  • Type as well as Layer Styles to enhance type
  • Gradients- how to add and how to create your own
  • Bandaid- how to clean up skin blemishes