FEB. 15-19 GRADE 11

Monday Feb 15- Family day

Tuesday Feb 16- Brainstorm ideas for movie- hand in at the end of the period
Shift Happens - your original post and a response was due last week- I will close the discussion board on Thursday and I will not accept any more posts on this subject.

Wednesday Feb 17- Download walking footage and edit- while it is downloading discuss movie further.
Hand in further ideas at the end of class. Storyboards due on Friday

If you need to film more footage today is the day.
Export as a movie and place in hand in File (Hand in>Amor > Comtech11>walking
I will place it in my handout folder for distrubution to team members

Thursday- Further demonstration on editing footage- BE ON TIME!

Friday- hand in walking video
Storyboads are due today- filming to begin first thing Monday Morning